What is the Multi-School Server?

multi-school-sign-smallThe Multi-School Student server is one virtual world, shared by over students from four schools across the two Canadian school boards.

It is a free, remotely-hosted Minecraft server open to K-12 educators looking for a space use Minecraft in their teaching. Hosting is generously provided by the EDGE Lab at Ryerson University.

A Maintenance Free Minecraft Server

This server is ideal for educators who want:

  • someone else to take care of setting up and managing a Minecraft server
  • a multi-player server for their students at no cost (no monthly fees, etc)
  • their students to connect and collaborate with students in other schools around the world

Want to Join?

A great first step to joining our Multi-School Student server is to play with us on the GamingEdus server.

Fill out the Professional Play White List Request Form and we can talk more while we dodge creepers.

Contact us at: gamingedus@gmail.com for more information.

Please note: The Multi-School server is completely separate from the GamingEdus Server.

Tour the Multi-School Server

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