How to Join the Multi-School Server


We’re a small, but growing community with a focus on student-led, equity-driven and inquiry-based learning in a inclusive, non-oppressive and welcoming space.

The server is open to educators working anywhere in the world with Elementary to High School aged students in a formal learning environment, including public libraries.

By joining the Multi-School server, your students will get their own building area, while having the chance to meet and collaborate with other students around the world.

We’re up 24/7, access is free and we take care of all the technical maintenance. Learn more about why the Multi-School Server is ideal for teachers.

It’s a special place and to keep it that way we like to get to know interested educators before we add your class to the server.

How do we get to know each other? By playing Minecraft together!

Teachers interested in the Multi-School server are asked to play with us on our GamingEdus server for teachers and their families.

The GamingEdus server is separate from the Multi-School server. It is for teachers to play, outside of school hours and without their students, to learn Minecraft and connect with other educators.

By playing with us on the GamingEdus server, we can all see if our learning styles and teaching philosophies are a good match. Besides, it’s a lot of fun!

Just fill out the whitelist request form and we’ll be dodging creepers and getting to know each other in no time.